Community News

Community Engagement Welcomes All To Be Involved

Read about SPAAR members, the good work done in the communities where you live and work, and the many community partnerships in which you are involved.

Find out how you can be involved by contacting Joe McKinley, Vice President of Advocacy and Community Engagement, at

Serving Bridging Through A Strong Partnership With SPAAR

In November 2021, SPAAR’s Community Engagement Committee led a volunteer Dresser Build with SPAAR members showing up to volunteer their time and talent.
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A #ThanksGivingBack Letter From 2021 SPAAR President Tracy Baglio

Whether you are actively seeking to get involved in volunteer opportunities such as the Dresser Build on November 19 or sharing your voice and opinions by taking SPAAR’s Member Communications Survey by November 24, or simply keeping in the know through blog posts and watching videos that feature your SPAAR peers, there is something for everyone this month.
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Donation Collection Drives

#ThanksGivingBack – Open House Challenge

One of the many ways to give-back is to contribute to one of the five collection drives at SPAAR. Drop off donations for one of the Give-Back Drives at the nearest SPAAR office during business hours.
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Celebrating 5 Years of SPAAR Hero

Throughout its five years, SPAAR Hero has shined a light on many SPAAR members or member teams creating a positive impact in their community.
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#ThanksGivingBack Daily Digest

SPAAR has designated the entire month of November as the month of #ThanksGivingBack!  This is the month that SPAAR will highlight Better Agents doing great things in building Better Communities.  SPAAR is Better Agents. Better Communities. View the map to see where SPAAR members are doing great things!
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5 Reasons To Get Involved In Your Community

To fully see the fruits of being involved in your community, make involvement not just part of your marketing strategy, but make it a core value of your business.
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#ThanksGivingBack Social Post Templates

SPAAR has made it easy to celebrate #thanksgivingback on your social media with these Canva templates. Canva is a free online program that allows you to easily create social media post from templates or design your own from scratch.
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REALTORS® Are Good Neighbors

November is #ThanksGivingBack month at SPAAR, and we want to highlight and say thank you to all the REALTORS® who make their communities a better place.
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Recognize. Nominate. Celebrate.

SPAAR recognizes members who embody the Better Agents, Better Communities tagline.  Some awards are announced throughout the year, while others are reserved for a special recognition at the Winter Social in January. If you have someone in mind you feel is deserving for any of the following recognitions, be sure to submit your nominations before the deadline!
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