Professional Standards

Maintain High Standards Of Integrity And Professionalism In Your Real Estate Practice

REALTOR®                  Code of Ethics

Learn more about the high standards for professional conduct you’ve pledged to uphold as a member of the National Association of  REALTORS®.

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Protects and promote professional standards for Realtors® with Code of Ethics enforcement as well as mediation and arbitration services.

Code of Ethics Enforcement

If you believe a Realtor® has violated one or more articles of the Code of Ethics, filing a complaint may be an option. Learn about the process.

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Solve disputes with the assistance of a neutral mediator as a free conflict resolution alternative to litigation or formal arbitration.

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Mandatory Arbitration

In this process parties in a dispute have agreed in advance to let an unbiased hearing Panel resolve any real estate related dispute arising between a:

Realtor® member and principal who participates in a board’s MLS, but is not a board member Realtor® in dispute with a Realtor® or Realtor®
Associate at your firm or another firm
Non-member broker or licensed or certified appraiser who participates in the board’s MLS

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Voluntary Arbitration

With this process parties in a dispute agree to let an unbiased Hearing Panel resolve a real estate related issue arising between:

  • Realtors® affiliated with the same firm
  • Realtor® principals and non-member brokers
  • Realtor® principals and their customers

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