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Regularly, SPAAR will be providing questions and polls for SPAAR members to share their voices. Questions and polls will be on a range of topics related to the current real estate market.

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Being green isn’t just a trend, or for those with envy, but also understanding what it means to be sustainable and what that looks like from person to person. According to an April 2024 poll that ran in the New York Times, which looked at the efforts of 2,000 Americans to be sustainable in their everyday lives, the poll revealed it’s harder than it may seem. More than half of respondents believe it’s “near impossible” to live guilt-free in their homes when it comes to sustainability (57%). Forty percent of those surveyed consider their lifestyle “somewhat environmentally friendly,” while 28% said they are living a “very environmentally friendly” lifestyle, especially millennials (42%).


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Word on the Street: what members shared

SPAAR members provided insights into the Word on the Street feature, which asked a two-part question.
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