Word on the Street: member responses to living sustainably

SPAAR - 05/13/2024

Being green isn’t just a trend, or for those with envy, but also understanding what it means to be sustainable and what that looks like from person to person.

Members were asked: What action(s) do you take to live green, or sustainably?

Thank you to the members who took time to share their ideas.

Here's a collective response of what SPAAR members replied:

"I do my best!"

"I drive an electric car."

"I use an electric mower."

"I use LED whenever possible."

"I recycle."

"I've taught my children how to recycle and compost."

"I reuse plastic bags for garbage liners."

"I return plastic bags to the stores that collect them."

"Timers are set to automate many things on and off in my home."

"I keep temperatures at levels that help conserve energy."

"I'm open to learning more ways - it's a work in progress!"

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