Word on the Street: what members shared

SPAAR - 04/22/2024

SPAAR members provided insight for its first-ever Word on the Street feature, which asked a two-part question in the April 15 issue of eNews. The first question: "Do you talk to your clients about Fair Housing?" received yes, sometimes and no responses.

The second question "What do you say to your clients about Fair Housing?" received varied responses, including:

  • I explain Fair Housing to my sellers letting them know it's against the law to discriminate against a protected class when choosing an offer on their home.
  • If a client wants information about Fair Housing, I share where it can be found.
  • There are laws and standards that help to explain Fair Housing.

Thanks to all of the members who participated and shared their perspective. Stay tuned for the next Word on the Street question, which will be asked in an upcoming eNews feature.

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