On-Demand Education is here!

SPAAR - 10/30/2023

Starting on October 31, members will have access to On-Demand Education at SPAAR!

SPAAR is committed to bringing its members relevant and exciting education. Online continuing education offers convenience and flexibility for members to take a class anytime, from anywhere. SPAAR is launching its program with limited classes and will continue to add classes on a regular basis.

Click here to learn how to register for an On-Demand class.

There's an incentive! To kick start the program, SPAAR will hold a monthly drawing for members who check out SPAAR's On-Demand Education. From November through June, four members will each receive a $25 Visa gift card (for a total of 32 winners).

To be eligible: (1) You must register/purchase at least one of SPAAR’s On-Demand courses, and (2) You must complete at least 50% of that course.

The winners’ names will be drawn the first Monday of each month (December through July).

To learn more about SPAAR's On-Demand Education, visit the Education page under the Professional Development tab on spaar.com.

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Tune into SPAAR’s course offerings for CE Credits to stay compliant or simply to take advantage of topics offered.

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