Resources To Assist In Realtor® Safety

SPAAR - 09/09/2022

Realtor® safety is a primary concern as agents routinely work in new homes and areas while interacting with new people.

Below is a list of Safety Apps for Smart phones available. SPAAR provides this list of resources without suggesting any one app over another.

Forewarn, an app allowing agents to verify a prospect’s identify, criminal records, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, address history and property records all in one place.

Homesnap Pro, an app allowing agents to set a Safety Timer when they show a property to an unfamiliar client, indicating the length of the appointment, and sends a pre-determined text message to a contact if the timer goes off.

Kleard, an app for open houses and showings that verifies buyers in real-time and sends alerts for items such as a showing not marked as finished.

Kinetic Global, formerly Lifeline Response, an app that uses natural human reaction to respond to emergency situations that results in assessment of a situation and the contacting of authorities if needed.

PROtect, an app to improve personal safety when working alone to host a private showing or open house, and monitors your location to help should distress arise.

Real Safe Agent, an app based in behavioral science to avoid the escalation to crime.

Safe Showings, an app that captures an image of the potential buyer’s face and notifies emergency contacts and 911 if needed.

Trust Stamp, an app to establish the identity and trustworthiness of prospective clients prior to meeting them.

While SPAAR does not specifically endorse any of these apps, this list shows some of the safety apps available. There are likely other safety apps beyond this list.

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