NorthstarMLS news: unlock Supra lockbox functionality from Add/Edit

SPAAR - 09/24/2023

NorthstarMLS announced its new integration between its Add/Edit system rolling out this month and the Supra lockbox system.

With the integration, Supra lockbox users can attach and detach their Supra lockbox right from the Add/Edit system. Users no longer need to open the Supra system separately to access lockbox functionality.

To see the two new options, elect Supra as “Lock Box Type,” the local association as “Lock Box Source,” and enter a “Lock Box Serial #.”

  • The “+” lockbox button will assign the lockbox entered in Add/Edit to the listing.
  • The “-” button will un-assign the lockbox from the listing.
  • The “assign” functionality is available on any listing that is in a status of Active, Pending or Coming Soon.
  • The “unassign” is available in any listing status.
  • If the lockbox entered is already assigned to a listing, it will be automatically unassigned from the old listing and moved to the new listing, all in a single step.

The buttons show up once the listing status is Coming Soon, Active or Pending. At this time the buttons don’t show up for Incomplete listings.

NorthstarMLS is in the process of working with local associations who use Supra and expect it to streamline Supra users’ processes when setting up their lockboxes in Add/Edit.

Add/Edit questions should continue to be directed to NorthstarMLS; similarly, lockbox questions should continue to be directed to Supra.

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