Non-Member Access Becomes Single Access Service

SPAAR - 05/02/2022

As a current user of Non-Member Access (NMA), we want to inform you this service is changing to Single Access on Tuesday, May 3rd.  Why the change, Supra has made this process easier for you and those you grant access to, such as contractors, stagers, photographers, and others requesting access to your listings.

Supra now offers an effortless way to invite non-members directly within your Supra eKEY app and not through SupraWEB!  Single Access offers:

  • Non-transferrable access credential delivered to non-member’s smartphone
  • Easy to view, modify and manage granted access within the Supra eKEY app
  • Non-Members you have granted access to have ‘one-button’ (i.e., Obtain Key) within the Supra eKEY app that provides easy access to obtain keys from Supra lockboxes.

If you granted access prior to Single Access going live, key points to know are:

  • Access Grantors (e.g., Listing Agent)
    • Access granted under NMA to end users prior to the switch to Single Access remains valid after the switch. The access granted expires based on the end date/time originally set by you, the access grantor.
  • End Users (e.g., Plumbers/Contractors etc.)
    • Users granted access under NMA will still be able to gain access to the property they’ve been granted access to prior to the switch to Single Access.


Take advantage of Supra’s new Single Access service:


Worried your contractor may need a little help opening the lockbox?


Still have questions, or want more in-depth training?

Supra offers live Zoom training monthly on eKEY features. Check out the Supra Agent Training Resources page, click here, then sign-up for one of our live Zoom training sessions!


Finally, want more information about this great new feature before jumping in?

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