Learn How To Prospect In A Shifting Market At Grow Your Toolbox

Grow Your Toolbox is a Biannual real estate resource open house event.

SPAAR - 02/28/2023

Grow Your Toolbox with expert knowledge to prospect in a shifting market! Each panelist specializes in generating leads in different ways.

Unlock powerful tools such as social media, print/mail marketing and technology tools for use in your lead generation strategy on March 9th, 2023. Register today


About The Panelists

Social Media - Melissa Clawson is an expert when it comes to social media, and she knows how to leverage this platform to its fullest potential in her real estate business. She has developed a method that ensures effective lead generation.

Print and Mail - Philip Wahlberg has cultivated a superpower when it comes to print marketing; he knows exactly how to use his print materials to bring in great leads for his real estate business. His print marketing expertise is unparalleled, and he puts it to savvy use every day.

Technology Tools - Tricia Hase is an absolute expert when it comes to technology tools and leveraging them for her real estate business. Her ability to find new leads using technology tools has helped her grow her business in leaps and bounds – while making sure they are qualified leads as well.

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