Introducing SPAAR’s 2022 Board of Directors: Meet Patrick Ruble

SPAAR - 10/15/2022

The SPAAR Board of Directors were asked a series of questions as part of a fun get-to-know-the-board feature. When asked what’s the best staging tip, Patrick said to eliminate clutter, make it neutral and create clean lines. He suggested Monroe Bisque as a great go-to paint color and said a house should be both inviting and reflect the person who calls it home.

Patrick wanted to be an architect when he grew up, and has been a Realtor® since 2004, stating the profession chose him. Advice he’d give his younger self when starting in real estate: “Don’t wait. Dive in.”

Patrick admitted if there’s an item he should throw out, suits would go first. When he isn’t working, Patrick enjoys being among friends and cooking.

The SPAAR Board of Directors provides strategic direction, leadership and guidance for the Association and its committees. Thank you, Patrick, for your work with SPAAR.

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