Introducing SPAAR’s 2022 Board of Directors. First up: Jennifer Livingston

SPAAR - 08/02/2022

Beginning today, and throughout the remainder of 2022, SPAAR will be introducing its Board of Directors through a series of fun Q&A style questions asked of each director.

Dogs! Overwhelmingly, the SPAAR Board of Directors favors dogs (over cats) although one director acknowledged being a current rabbit owner.

Meet today’s featured board member: Jennifer Livingston. Although becoming a veterinarian was the job Jennifer thought she’d pursue when she grew up, she’s been in the real estate business since 1997 first as an intern and then as office manager. Colleagues encouraged her to get her license and she became a Realtor® in 2001. Jennifer’s favorite style home is an old barn home with a wrap-around porch and open concept on the inside. If she were to offer staging tips to a homeowner, they would be to clean and touch up the paint, minimize furniture and personalized items, and to throw in some greenery.

When Jennifer isn’t working, she enjoys time with her kids, exercise and travel.

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