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Better Broker Series: Divorces and Estates, and what agents need to know

SPAAR will host its next Better Broker Series: Divorces and Estates, and what agents should know on Wednesday, June 26, from 9-10am. All members are welcome.
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REALTORS® Charitable Foundation partners with Spare Key to help families in need

REALTORS® Charitable Foundation has committed to match up to $25,000 for Spare Key’s “Help Me Bounce” platform, which harnesses the power of crowdfunding to connect thousands donors directly to help families.
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Stay out of hot water with the DOC

SPAAR hosted Fabian Hoffner, the founder of The Hoffner Firm, Ltd., on October 12, 2023, as part of its Grow Your Toolbox event. A former Assistant Attorney General of Minnesota for 10 years, Mr. Hoffner’s tenure provided him a unique vantage point representing state licensing boards and commissions, and later championing the rights of private individuals.
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Getting your mind right as a leader: a presentation at SPAAR [part of the Better Broker’s Series]

Bringing your best as a leader and being healthy in all the key areas of personal mastery as well as skills the current business environment demands of leaders today will be presented by Kit Fucile, CEO and co-founder of TLR Leadership & Coaching Academy as she presents Getting your Mind Right as a Leader.
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Broker resources at the ready!

SPAAR has tools available just for brokers!
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Process for inactive real estate licenses

Effective July 5, SPAAR’s Member Services team members look up every member who calls in by checking the pulse portal system to verify they have an active license.
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Supra enhancement offers user flexibility

Supra is in the final testing phase before releasing its latest enhancement with time saving steps for new keyholders.
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NAR Midyear summary

On May 11, 2023, Realtors® from throughout the US were present to adopt some changes to the real estate industry, and this summary will provide an overview of those changes.
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