What is the value of Title Insurance for Home Buyers? (Better & Better Podcast)

SPAAR - 04/12/2024

Let's talk about the true value of title insurance for home buyers and more!

Join in on the latest episode of the Better and Better podcast, where SPAAR delves into the often overlooked yet crucial world of title insurance. This episode features an interview with Thomas Bahrke from Ancona Title and Escrow, a seasoned expert in title insurance, as hosted by Luke Fleck, SPAAR's Director of Digital Engagement.

Thomas brings eight years of experience to the table, explaining the critical role title companies play in ensuring clean and undisputed property ownership. Discover how title insurance protects homeowners from past and future title defects, and why it’s a must-have in the real estate world. From the differences between lender’s and owner’s policies to the benefits of an enhanced owner’s policy, this episode is packed with essential knowledge every Realtor® should know.

Learn about real-world problems that title insurance can solve, like disputed property lines or undisclosed liens, and get expert advice on how to safeguard client transactions against potential fraud. This podcast will equip members with the tools to help inform clients on the value of title insurance, and help them navigate the complexities of buying a home with confidence.

Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcast, or wherever you listen to podcasts! Take a listen here.

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