Tom Wilkinson has been named SPAAR Hero for May 2018

A veteran himself, Tom feels a personal commitment to helping other veterans and has volunteered his time, talent and money to do so.

SPAAR - 12/09/2020

Tom Wilkinson has been a key volunteer in efforts to transform the Anoka State Hospital into housing for homeless veterans, which will be operated by nonprofit Eagles Healing Nest.

A veteran, Tom feels a personal commitment to helping other veterans. Tom has volunteered his time, talent and money to this project; he has worked onsite, six days a week since October 2017.

State Senator Jim Abeler, founder of the project, recommended Tom for his leadership as a volunteer. "Tom's commitment to this project has been exceptional. Through his commitment to this project he inspired others to accomplish what appeared to be impossible."

The Anoka State Hospital complex buildings had been abandoned for several years. Mechanical systems, windows and walls all needed significant upgrades to make the buildings habitable. Volunteers, including Tom, completed work on the first building despite an extremely tight deadline, and the first residents were welcomed home just before Christmas 2017.

In addition, Tom volunteers with Toys For Joy and the Link, and participates every year in Keller Williams Red Day. He is a REALTOR® with Realty Group MN and a contractor. Tom was nominated to be a SPAAR Hero by his wife, Terry, who said, "He likes to serve quietly and not get recognition."

Congratulations, Tom, for being named SPAAR Hero for May 2018!

SPAAR Hero is a program of SPAAR’s Community Engagement Committee, sponsored by SPAAR’s REALTORS® Charitable Foundation. Members of SPAAR’s Communications Committee interview and write the SPAAR Hero articles. If you think someone should be named a SPAAR Hero, contact Joe McKinley at jmckinley@spaar.com.

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