SPAAR’s first-ever Nonprofit Fair welcomed members and the community

SPAAR - 10/02/2023

SPAAR's first-ever Nonprofit Fair on September 27 was a success with 18 local area nonprofit organizations participating.

A number of SPAAR members as well as community members stopped by the 2-hour event seeking information about programs and resources available for Realtors® and their clients. In addition, attendees sought information about volunteer opportunities, public policy solutions to the current housing crisis, and wanting to better understand the work the local nonprofits are doing every day in various communities.

"This Nonprofit Fair served as an opportunity for an exchange of information allowing attendees to hear about the great work they do, the programs and resources they have available, and the tools they can provide," said Simon Opatz, Government Affairs Director at SPAAR. "Connecting Realtors® to these local nonprofit organizations empowers both to help build better communities."

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