SPAAR’s Building Will Fully Open By Mid-August

SPAAR - 06/29/2021

Like so many other businesses worldwide, SPAAR closed its doors at the start of the pandemic for the safety of members, staff and visitors.

Unlike many businesses, SPAAR was in a position to maintain providing member services both virtually and contactless, for which SPAAR staff were grateful. Whether members needed a class, an open house sign or help with a lockbox, SPAAR staff were in the building and able to provide uninterrupted service Monday through Friday through pivoting, creativity and positivity from members who understood these were different times for everyone.


SPAAR will be welcoming members back to the building in phases, and having people back on site is very exciting!


The following building reopening schedule was approved by SPAAR’s Board of Directors as follows:

  • July 6: staff returns to full, in-person work at SPAAR; some staff members have been onsite every day since March of 2020

  • July 20: SPAAR reopens to walk-in members

  • August 3: committee meetings and small events will begin to be held at SPAAR

  • August 17: building fully open for all events, classes and meetings at SPAAR


Note: this is the current plan; however, dates are subject to change if needed.

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