SPAAR Realtors® are owning up

Realtors® are owning up for their role in segregation within the Twin Cities housing market over the decades that are still evident today.

Jennifer Kovacich - 12/08/2020

Members of SPAAR’s Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion sat down with Frederick Melo, a reporter with the Pioneer Press, in July 2019 to discuss Owning Up!, an exhibit sometimes on display at SPAAR and other times on loan from SPAAR.

SPAAR members Sue Nichols, Anita Hill and Adriana Martinez shared the process of the conception, content decisions and final product that shows the segregation within the Twin Cities housing market over the years and how Realtors® played a part in the divide and the ramifications that can still be seen today.

In an effort to educate others, SPAAR welcomes organizations to display Owning Up! at their offices and will lend it out, based on availability, for a donation to SPAAR’s Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Email spaar@spaar.com to inquire.

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