SPAAR Hero Monique Garza brings community together

SPAAR - 07/24/2023

Movies with Mo in Cottage Grove is the happening place to be if you’re into activities, games, food trucks and, of course, movies and popcorn, while enjoying an outdoor summer evening. Movies with Mo is also the program for which SPAAR member Monique Garza has been named the most recent SPAAR Hero.

Monique is the creator and founder of Movies with Mo, now in its second year. The suggestion came from her eight-year-old daughter who wondered why they had to venture to other cities to see free summer movies.

“I reached out the City of Cottage Grove and they encouraged me to create these events for our community. I worked with almost 40 local businesses to bring this free event to Cottage Grove. In addition to movies, we have a small festival for children to do free activities and play games,” said Monique. “This event was created by my daughter, my husband and me. We volunteer all our time to bring these events to our community.”

Community is also one of the reasons Monique got into real estate and she will celebrate five years as a Realtor® in October.

“I wanted to help first-time homebuyers, especially African Americans, who have a hard time receiving equal opportunities in the real estate market,” said Monique, who grew up in the Saint Paul-Rondo community and has always enjoyed helping others. “I was born into a single parent home and understood struggle so if I can help a family, I am very much willing to do so.”

Today, Monique is involved in many endeavors including serving on the board of the Cottage Grove Chamber of Congress; a member of Women in Business (Cottage Grove); YIMBY, a Minnesota chapter for Yes, in my backyard; the new Minnesota for Women in Real Estate chapter; the Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and the Government Affairs Committee, the latter two committees as part of the Saint Paul Area Association of REALTORS® (SPAAR).

In encouraging others to volunteer, Monique offers, “Give back. You never know how you can help someone.”

Congratulations, Monique, on being named SPAAR Hero!

SPAAR Hero is a program of SPAAR’s Community Engagement Committee, sponsored by SPAAR’s REALTORS® Charitable Foundation. Members of SPAAR’s Communications Committee interview and write the SPAAR Hero articles, including this interview by Pahola Clysdale.

Know someone who should be named a SPAAR Hero? Email spaar@spaar.com so the next SPAAR Hero can be identified.

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