Saint Paul Rent Control – Important Update


SPAAR - 04/05/2021


A coalition of community groups has announced a petition to put Rent Control on the ballot in Saint Paul this November.


The group, Housing Equity Now St. Paul, is proposing to cap rent increases on all residential properties in the City to 3% each year.


Rent Control has been tried around the U.S. and economists agree it produces a net negative for the cities it has been implemented in. Rent Control reduces the supply of adequate rental housing, investment in new rental housing development plummets, and maintenance deteriorates because the financial incentives to maintain a quality property are no longer present.


If you or a REALTOR®  you know would be willing to assist SPAAR in our efforts to gather information on Rent Control in Saint Paul please contact either of our Government Affairs Directors, Simon Opatz (sopatz@gmail.com or 763-489-3306) or Becky Wegscheid (bwegscheid@spaar.com or 651-772-6350).”

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