Safety First Year-Round

SPAAR - 09/24/2021

Safety is a number one priority for Realtors®.

National REALTOR® Safety Month in September brings more awareness to the importance of safety even though Realtors® and other professionals in the industry focus on safety every day all year.


As September comes to close, remember some basic tips, including the following:

  • Always trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, there’s probably a valid reason why.


  • Always let a trusted peer, officemate or family member know where you’re going and when to expect you back.


  • Know who you’re meeting. Have an initial meeting in a public place. It’s ok to ask for ID and make a copy. Let others know who you’re meeting and where you’ll be.


  • There are a number of apps available to Realtors® to check a person’s history. One such app is FOREWARN, which is available only to licensed real estate agencies, licensed real estate brokers, licensed real estate agents, and real estate Associations.


  • Bring someone with you to a listing or open house so you’re not alone in a property. Realtors® and real estate professionals meet new people on a regular basis and often in unfamiliar areas and properties. It’s ok to partner with someone, especially when it comes to safety.


  • Inside a property, always allow your clients to go first. Let them explore the upper and lower levels within a house on their own.

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