Resolution created to study solutions addressing identity discrimination in purchase agreements

SPAAR - 06/23/2023

SPAAR’s Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has studied identity discrimination and impacts on housing disparities for several years. Previously, solutions to this issue seemingly conflicted with the requirement that parties to a transaction must be identified to form a contract. In 2023, solutions to this issue have gained traction in several states, including Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina and California.

The committee approved a resolution requesting Minnesota Realtors® study solutions to address identity discrimination in purchase agreements. The committee’s resolution was approved by SPAAR’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors and will be presented to Minnesota Realtors® Board of Directors on June 26.

The possible solutions for this resolution include increased education for members; developing communications to increase consumers’ awareness for this issue; developing tech-based resources for promoting digital privacy; and advocating for legislative authority for these solutions.

This issue may benefit all consumers---not only those consumers who belong to protected classes. Preventing identity discrimination in real estate transactions can also promote digital privacy for all consumers by reducing or eliminating “internet buyer shopping” by sellers.

For more information on identity discrimination, email spaar@spaar.com.

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