Repurposing Your Real Estate Blogs Into Social Media Posts

SPAAR - 04/02/2024

As a Realtor®, your schedule is packed with client meetings, managing listings, prospecting, volunteering, professional development, and balancing personal commitments like sleeping, eating, and spending time with loved ones.

Finding time to create and post consistent content on social media can be challenging. However, by repurposing your real estate blogs into social media posts, you can save time and maintain an active online presence.

Let's talk about how you can take your blog content and turn it into a carousel post, reel, or single graphic post for social media.


From Blog to Social Media Carousel

Imagine taking a blog post about "5 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers" and turning it into a captivating Instagram carousel. Each tip becomes a slide, providing value and engaging visuals that encourage followers to swipe through for insights.


Reels and Video Content

Transforming a blog post into a short, informative reel can capture the essence of your message in a format that's favored by algorithms and users alike. Highlight key points with engaging visuals and concise narration to tap into the vast audience of video content consumers.


Signal Graphic Posts

Take compelling statistics or quotes from your blog and turn them into eye-catching graphics. These signal posts can stand out in a crowded feed, sparking interest and driving traffic back to your blog for more in-depth reading.


Scheduling Social Posts for Maximum Efficiency

To further streamline your workflow and ensure your repurposed content reaches your audience at the optimal time, consider the using social media scheduling tools. Platforms like Buffer, Hootsuite, Sendible, and Meta Business Suite allow Realtors® to schedule posts, carousels, reels, and graphics in advance. This ensures consistent engagement with your audience without requiring daily manual posting. By dedicating a few hours each week to repurposing your blog content to social media content and scheduling the social media posts, you can ensure a steady stream of engaging posts that keep your audience interested and free up more of your time to focus on client interactions and property showings. This strategic approach to scheduling enhances the efficiency and impact of your social media marketing efforts.


Leveraging SPAAR’s Insights

For Realtors® seeking to refine their content strategy, SPAAR offers the "Market Like a Pro" two part podcast episode and Microlearning marketing videos. These resources can provide deeper insights into effective content repurposing and other marketing strategies tailored for real estate professionals.

Final Thoughts

By creatively repurposing blog content for social media, Realtors® can enhance their digital marketing strategy, reaching a wider audience and establishing themselves as industry leaders. This approach not only maximizes the value of each piece of content but also aligns with the modern consumer's preference for diverse and engaging content formats.

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