Professional Courtesy Goes Hand In Hand With Showing Homes

SPAAR - 04/11/2022

SPAAR in recent months has received an influx of complaints about other Realtors® not following the proper protocols when out and about showing homes.

Here are some reminders about what is expected when showing homes and to be fair to all.

  • Schedule an appointment. It is not ok to simply show a home without making an appointment. Schedule appointments with ample time.


  • Be punctual. Call if you will be delayed or must cancel.


  • Be courteous. Remove shoes. Follow any known seller requests such as leaving lights on and closet doors open.


  • Always ring the doorbell and knock before entering. Announce yourself before entering a closed room.


  • Be considerate of the seller’s property. Do not allow anyone to eat, drink or smoke. Do not allow kids to run freely.


  • Never criticize the property while inside anyone’s home.


  • Be courteous if another agent is showing the property when you arrive and mind your start and end times; hopefully the other agent will do the same.


  • Leave your business card, or sign the register, when showing properties.


  • Make sure that the house is left the way that you found it. Replace the key in lockbox and make sure the door is locked.


  • If you are the showing agent, call the listing broker to advise of any inaccuracies in the listing information, and report anything that appears to be wrong with the property.


  • Respond to feedback requests as soon as possible.

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