ODSO Goes On The Road Again

SPAAR - 04/12/2022

Minnesota Home Venture hosted ODSO #2 on April 6.

Minnesota Home Venture hosted an On-Demand Service Opportunity (ODSO) on April 6. The office packaged protein packs that will be given to young people, ages 16 to 24, who are experiencing homelessness in the northern Twin Cities metro area, as served by nonprofit HOPE 4 Youth.

Minnesota Home Venture assembled 120 packs in less than an hour. The protein packs included a protein drink, mixed nuts, protein bar and beef sticks, items suggested by Hope 4 Youth staff members

Learn more about Hope 4 Youth at hope4youthmn.org.

ODSO is an on-demand service opportunity---a volunteer project delivered to your team or office—brought to you by SPAAR’s Community Engagement Committee.  For more information, contact Joe Mckinley.

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