Local attorney to address how to keep out of hot water in real estate

SPAAR - 08/28/2023

A letter arrived from the Department of Commerce…a previous client has filed a complaint and I know I did everything by the books. What could be wrong?”

SPAAR is hosting “Keeping Agents Out of Hot Water” with presenter Fabian Hoffner, Attorney at Law, who will share some of the worst issues he’s experienced along with tips to keep out of trouble. In addition:

  • Learn what consumer complaints and license law complaints are submitted to the Minnesota Department of Commerce.
  • Hear first-hand what brokers can do to keep agents out of hot water.
  • Understand the steps brokers should take if they learn one of their agents is being investigated.

All SPAAR members are welcome to this Better Brokers Series event, which is one portion of the Grow Your Toolbox real estate resource open house taking place at SPAAR on October 12. The “Keeping Agents Out of Hot Water” session will be in-person only; it will not be recorded.

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