Leaders Lead With Heart

SPAAR - 02/13/2023

Leading with Heart means different things to different people, but most will agree it has to do with putting people and community at the forefront.

For 2023 SPAAR President Brianne Lawrence, leading with heart means valuing the relationships with the people around you, serving as a good role model and following the golden rule to treat others how you want to be treated.

“Volunteering is near and dear to my heart,” said Brianne, who added that in her role as SPAAR president she’ll seek to provide leadership, education and support to the members of SPAAR and its staff.

Brianne initially joined SPAAR’s REALTORS® Charitable Foundation to give back to the industry in which she works and previously served as the Foundation’s president. For the past few years, she’s also served on SPAAR’s Board of Directors; this year at the helm.

Brianne encourages others to lead with heart, “Trust your gut and do what’s best not only for yourself but for others around you.”

Mike Hunstad has been involved with Toys for Joy since 2000 when he was a new agent and, 23 years later, he’s still involved and has served as president of the nonprofit since 2007. To Mike, leading with heart means doing things you love for those in need.

The Covid pandemic altered the Toys for Joy process for the past couple of years and Mike hopes to see families again choose their own gifts for their kids in 2023 at the Anoka Armory. This way, families can ensure their child(ren) receives what he or she wants for Christmas. For the past couple of years, volunteers have selected the gifts as recipients drove up to have items loaded into their vehicles.

Toys for Joy is also expanding its outreach and this year expects to provide toys and stuffed animals to local police departments to give to kids in times of need.

Mike’s encouragement to lead with heart is simple, “Find a cause you believe in and get involved. It’s that easy!”

For 2023 REALTORS® Charitable Foundation President Diana Allen, leading with heart means an act of kindness or words spoken with no expectation to receive anything in return.

“I think it’s important to help others be successful and reach their goals,” said Diana, who said she loves the work of the Foundation that includes providing grants to community nonprofits and much more, including annual scholarships. “Each year we’ve been able to give a total of $10,000 in scholarships to the children and grandchildren of SPAAR members to help them with their post high school educations. They are our future leaders.”

Diana shared three words to encourage others to lead with heart, “Be an example.”

Thanks to Brianne, Mike and Diana, and all SPAAR members, who choose to lead with heart.

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