Introducing SPAAR’s 2022 Board of Directors: Meet Brianne Lawrence

SPAAR - 11/22/2022

A mom and a boss. That’s what six-year-old Brianne Lawrence would say she wanted to be when she grew up, and she’s done it! Mom to son Levi, Brianne has been a Realtor® for more than half her life and in 2023 will serve as SPAAR’s President of the Board of Directors.

Brianne went to school to become a kindergarten teacher, but kept finding herself back in the real estate world where she’s currently both a broker and Realtor®. When Brianne conducts agent trainings, she has everyone come up with their power song and says her song is Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire.

Brianne would tell her younger self to create a good work life balance. Balance transcends to her app preferences as HomeSpotter is her most used app while at work; Podcasts play when she’s at home.

Old homes, 1800s and 1900s era, with original character are Brianne’s favorite architectural style. She’s a sucker for the grey trend, but says any paint color that is clean, crisp and neutral is the best, and that pops of color as accent décor are a great staging feature.

When asked what item should be tossed, Brianne says she has a shredded blanket she should let go, but she cannot part with it quite yet. When she’s not at work she enjoys soaking up every minute with Levi, preferably outside.

The SPAAR Board of Directors provides strategic direction, leadership and guidance for the Association and its committees. Thank you, Brianne, for your work with SPAAR.

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