Supported Candidates

The St. Paul Area Association of REALTORS® Candidate Screening committee anticipated a busy 2016 election cycle and approved its process for candidate consideration in September of 2014. Now, here we are dutifully executing that plan. SPAAR sent letters to all filed candidates for Municipal and County Elections across its 11 county 200 city territory. Just shy of over 400 letters. The letter thanks candidates for stepping forward to run for public office and invites them share their views on real estate issues via an online survey. More than 80 candidates responded to our survey. Of those candidates, 55 were invited to meet with REALTORS® and 43 of them did. From those 43 candidates REALTORS® members of the candidate screening committee recommended support for 24 of them.  Supported candidates are considered to be best for the Real Estate industry and are intended to be non-partisan and not reflect any one individual’s views. No member dues dollars are expended in support of candidates.

SPAAR RPAC Supported Candidates

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