Education Extravaganza 2023

SPAAR - 12/14/2022

Call it a BLITZ!  Call it a RALLY!  Call it an EXTRAVAGANZA!  Whatever you call it, we've scheduled four days of Education at SPAAR to help you call it DONE!


Coming in April and May, 2023...
Looking for an opportunity to get all 15 hours of license education done in 2 days? Each of the four days offers 7.5 hours of CE approved classes to help meet your MN Real Estate License education requirements before the June deadline.


Choose from four scheduled days to fit your needs:

  • If you need 7.5 hours and it needs to include the required module... choose April 19th or May 4th.
  • If you need 7.5 hours of anything and no required module... choose April 20th or May 3rd.
  • If you need all 15 hours... choose two days that fit your needs and schedule!



Class Schedule Options:

$40/day for SPAAR Members or $75/day for non-members
*Lunch is catered each day; You are free to bring your own lunch or leave for lunch to meet any dietary restrictions.


7.5 hr CE Blitz - April 19th
8:30 AM --- 22/23 Required Module: Practical Application to Inclusive Representation (3.75 CE)
12:15 PM --- Lunch provided by SPAAR
1:00 PM --- Seller & Licensee Disclosure Requirements (3.75 CE)

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7.5 hr CE Blitz - April 20th
8:30 AM --- Tax Update (3.75 CE)
12:15 PM --- Lunch provided by SPAAR
1:00 PM --- Negotiate with Confidence (3.75 CE)

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7.5 hr CE Blitz - May 3rd
8:30 AM --- Procuring Cause and Commissions (3.75 CE)
12:15 PM --- Lunch provided by SPAAR
1:00 PM --- Inspections: Protect and Promote Your Client's Interest (3.75 CE)

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7.5 hr CE Blitz - May 4th
8:30 AM --- 22/23 Required Module: Practical Application to Inclusive Representation (3.75 CE)
12:15 PM --- Lunch provided by SPAAR
1:00 PM --- Compliance vs. Violation (3.75 CE)

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Class Descriptions


22/23 Required Module: Practical Applications in Inclusive Representation (3.75 hours)
April 19th course provided by SPAAR; May 4th course provided by MN Realty School.

  • This Module Satisfies the 1-Hour Fair Housing, 1-hour agency and the 1-Hour Broker Module Requirement
  • Objectives: Apply objectives learned in 2021-2022 Required module to everyday representation, Understand the importance of promoting equitable homeownership, Identify best practices in submitting and receiving offers to avoid discrimination, Properly respond to common questions asked by clients and customers, Use inclusive language in advertising and communication, and Identify communication pitfalls

Compliance vs. Violation(3.75 hours)
Course provided by MN Realty School

  • By attending this 3.75 hour course, real estate students will be exposed to the laws regulating license activity called Chapter 82. By reviewing these statutes, licensees will be more aware of their standards of performance expected by law. Consequences can be severe and carry stiff penalties like financial fines, gross misdemeanor charges and more. Agents will learn about the requirement for providing Agency Disclosures at substantive contact and the protections afforded to consumers so that all consumers are treated fairly. This course satisfies one hour of agency and one hour of fair housing.

Inspections: Protect and promote your client’s interest: (3.75 hours)
Course provided by MN Realty School

  • In this 3.75- hour class (MN), agents will be exposed to case study examples of handling inspectors who are qualified and unqualified inspectors. Performing inspections protects buyers and sellers in the sale of a home. Sometimes, the inspection identifies things of concern that may nor necessarily be major. Other times, major repair items are discovered and negotiating the contract is crucial to keep the transaction moving towards a close. In this class, we will use group discussions and examples to assist agents in managing expectations. Home warranties are available for existing houses which may protect the consumer. More will be shared. New Construction have warranties by law and must be honored. After closing, disputes arise and handling them may leak into legal world. We will identify how to handle these post-closing arguments.

Negotiate with Confidence: (3.75 hours)
Course provided by MN Realty School

  • This 3.75 hour course covers the details of negotiating contracts- from listing to purchase to closing. Skills such as negotiation are expected to be sharp by consumers. In attending this course, students will learn of different personalities and how to negotiate effectively with them. Tips are shared on ways to come to a win-win scenario with your contracts.

Procuring Cause and Commissions: (3.75 hours)
Course provided by MN Realty School

  • By attending this 3.75-hour course, students will learn the importance of negotiating commissions, how they are handled, the Sherman Antitrust Laws and how brokers will ‘split’ commissions with cooperating brokers. In some instances, a burden of procuring cause must be met to make the claim of earning the commission. This course will expose students to the handing of commissions with buyers, landlords, tenants, sellers, property owners and more.

Seller & Licensee Disclosure Requirements: (3.75 hours)
Course provided by SPAAR

  • This course will provide in depth details on numerous real estate licensee disclosure requirements, including the proper disclosures required by sellers. Students will review the liability sellers can incur for non-compliance, special disclosure forms, and general considerations.

Tax Update: (3.75 hours)
Course provided by MN Realty School

  • ​By attending this 3.75-hour course, students will be exposed to the income tax requirements for the self-employed buyers and sellers. Many times, agents are introduced to people who are self-employed and an understanding of their income and taxes is needed for things like getting approval for a home loan, tax preparation and loan approval. Investors are sometimes involved in a transaction where their net proceeds will be impacted by taxes. A good agent should be able to account for the estimate of taxes when preparing a net sheet. In some instances, a home seller may be concerned about the tax burden of selling their home. This course will demonstrate the tax deductions a home seller may experience in the sale of their property. ​​​​

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