Education Extravaganza 2022

SPAAR - 11/29/2021

Call it a BLITZ!  Call it a RALLY!  Call it an EXTRAVAGANZA!  Whatever you call it, we've scheduled four days of Education at SPAAR to help you call it DONE!


Coming in 2022...
Looking for an opportunity to get all 15 hours of license education done in 2 days? Each of the four days offers 7.5 hours of CE approved classes to help meet your MN Real Estate License education requirements before the June deadline.


Choose from four scheduled days to fit your needs:

  • If you need 7.5 hours and it needs to include the required module... choose option A or C.
  • If you need 7.5 hours of anything and no required module... choose option B or D.
  • If you need all 15 hours... choose two days that fit your needs and schedule!



Class Schedule Options:

$25/day for SPAAR Members or $75/day for non-members

Education Extravaganza - A
  • 8:30 AM --- 21/22 Required Module: The History of Diversity in Homeownership (3.75 CE)
  • 12:15 PM --- Lunch provided by SPAAR
  • 1:00 PM --- Commercial 101 (3.75 CE)

Register for Extravaganza A on February 9, 2022


Education Extravaganza - B

  • 8:30 AM --- Deals Gone Bad (3.75 CE)
  • 12:15 PM --- Lunch provided by SPAAR
  • 1:00 PM --- Scams, Scoundrels and Stings (3.75 CE)

Register for Extravaganza B on February 10, 2022


Education Extravaganza - C
  • 8:30 AM --- 21/22 Required Module: The History of Diversity in Homeownership (3.75 CE)
  • 12:15 PM --- Lunch provided by SPAAR
  • 1:00 PM --- Code of Ethics (3.75 CE)  *new for 2022-2024 period

Register for Extravaganza C on May 11, 2022


Education Extravaganza - D
  • 8:30 AM --- Avoid Jeopardizing Your License (3.75 CE)  *satisfies one hour of agency and one hour of fair housing
  • 12:15 PM --- Lunch provided by SPAAR
  • 1:00 PM --- H2 Oh No! (3.75 CE)

Register for Extravaganza D on May 12, 2022



Class Descriptions
Courses provided by MN Realty School.


Required Module: History of Diversity in Real Estate (3.75 hours)

  • (This module satisfies the 1-hour Fair Housing and the 1-hour broker module requirement)
  • Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to understand the history of real estate and the government practices that institutionalized racism in real estate, identify MN organizations that currently work towards eradicating racism in real estate, identify the real estae professional's role in ensuring fair housing for all and examine individual bias that interferes in the effective and fair practice of real estate and create a diverse business and understand the benefits of diversity

Avoid Jeopardizing your License(3.75 hours)

  • By attending this 3.75 hour course, real estate students will be exposed to the laws regulating license activity called Chapter 82. By reviewing these statutes, licensees will be more aware of their standards of performance expected by law. Consequences can be severe and carry stiff penalties like financial fines, gross misdemeanor charges and more. Agents will learn about the requirement for providing Agency Disclosures at substantive contact and the protections afforded to consumers so that all consumers are treated fairly. This course satisfies one hour of agency and one hour of fair housing.

Commercial 101:(3.75 hours)

  • This 3.75 hour class is a beginner’s course for your understanding of commercial real estate. The course covers the need-to-know information on a broad range of commercial topics. If you're an experienced residential licensee, a few of the fundamentals of commercial real estate will be familiar to you—location, use and condition. In many other regards, commercial differs sharply from residential real estate. You'll work with investors and business owners in commercial real estate, individuals whose focus is squarely on the bottom line of the profit/loss.

Deals gone bad: (3.75 hours)

  • By attending this 3.75-hour class, scenarios are presented with transactions that have gone bad. There are a multitude of complications that can cause distress to the clients and agents. Understanding how to handle these situations is crucial to make the transaction as stress-less as possible.  With examples, student input and solutions presented, agents will be given tools to better handle inflamed tensions and bring people to a mutually acceptable compromise.

H2 oh no!: (3.75 hours)

  • By attending this 3.75 hour course, real estate students will be exposed  to the water issues facing homes- by examining how wells are constructed, tested and sealed, students will gain an understanding as to how homeowners should maintain wells and what lenders may require before closing. Septic tanks will discussed and students will learn about setback requirements, types of septic tanks and costs to replace. Mold is prevalent in wet houses and students will be given information on the differences in mold types, abatement and problems mold may present. Lastly, basements will be discussed and the different methods of dampness abatement will be shared---from drain tiles and sump pumps to gutters and grading.​

Scams, scoundrels and Stings: (3.75 hours)

  • In this popular 3.75 hour course, students will learn about online scams, wire fraud, identity theft and personal protection. Attacks are being made on consumers and agents regularly whether they are attacking us financially, physically or otherwise. This course helps associates identify 'red flags' to avoid being a victim.

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