On-Demand Service Opportunity

A Service Project In-A-Box

ØDSO means On-demand Service Opportunity and it’s coming to your office!

REALTORS® give back to the community. It’s tough finding time to volunteer—and it’s difficult to make sure you are contributing to a nonprofit that’s making a difference. ODSO does the work for you, delivering supplies for a ready-to-roll project that will be shared with a nonprofit organization serving your community. Your ODSO can be customized to benefit a nonprofit partner of your choice.

ODSO is a service project in-a-box your team or office can complete in less than an hour. Create a team-building event by combining ODSO with a sales meeting or networking lunch. 

After your project, SPAAR will issue a press release and social media posts recognizing your office. You will receive an impact summary and opportunities for future engagement.


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Pay it forward: To serve more communities, please consider a financial contribution to help offset the cost of future projects. Questions? Contact spaar@spaar.com or call 651-776-6000. ODSO is brought to you by SPAAR’s Community Engagement Committee.