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SPAAR - 12/22/2021

SPAAR partners with Affiliate Member, Heartland Inspections, to bring a series of FREE continuing education classes to you virtually from January through May, 2022!


Attend one, or many as you need!  Registration is required (click the link corresponding to each class).

Join us online these Mondays @ 9AM… Free CE provided by Heartland Inspections (SPAAR Affiliate Member)



Class Descriptions
Courses provided Heartland Inspections.


Home Inspection Basics
Almost like being there! An overview of what is inspected and why. Ideal for experienced agents wanting a refresher and new agents wanting a solid introduction to the inspection process. Includes exterior and grounds, foundation, roof, interior, plumbing, electrical, attic, kitchen, and laundry. Plus how to set expectations with buyers and sellers.


Going Green: For Real Estate Agents
A home’s energy efficiency has a direct impact on the owner’s wallet. Real estate agents are often asked by clients questions regarding a home’s energy efficiency, including questions about the home’s heating and cooling system, construction, and appliances. In addition, many people are becoming more aware of how their lifestyle decisions directly affect the environment. This course is designed for real estate agents who want to better advocate for clients that are concerned with a home’s energy efficiency and environmental impact.


House Science
An introduction to the home as a system to better understand how it works and why all the parts are interdependent. Gain an understanding of health and energy issues from a system point of view.


How to Decode a Home Inspection Report
Learn how to read and understand a home inspection report to gain the most benefit for your buyers’ and sellers’ transactions.


Residential Structural Inspections
The overall structure of a home is essentially the backbone that holds everything in place. For many, the structural integrity of a home is often viewed as the most crucial part of the home-buying process. By being able to observe and report on these critical matters during the structural portion of a home inspection, real estate agents are in a unique position to offer expertise and peace of mind to all parties involved in the home-buying process.


The 10 Most Common Home Defects: for Real Estate Agents
The home inspection is one of the most crucial parts of the home buying process. Many issues identified during the home inspection, if left untreated, can lead to significant costly repairs later, or even unsafe and hazardous living conditions. Offers are finalized or revoked as a result of a home inspector’s report. A home inspection can be a source of anxiety for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. However, real estate agents can ease some of their clients’ anxieties by helping them to be better educated and prepared for the home inspection process. This course will identify the most common problematic areas in a home inspection and provide real estate agents with tools and strategies they can use to allay their clients’ concerns.


The Basics of Heating Systems: For Real Estate Agents
One of the house’s most integral operating systems is the heating system. As a result, potential buyers may have questions or concerns about the condition of a home’s heating system. Real estate agents will be able to serve as advocates for their clients during the home buying process as a result of participating in this course.


Understanding Newer Homes
Showing a newer home can be a challenge for a real estate agent. The home buyer and seller both have high expectations. A knowledgeable real estate agent can help make this transaction process easier by understanding the characteristics of a newer home. Helping the prospective home buyer temper their expectations for a newer home is important. A real estate agent’s ability to identify the typical problems found in a newer home and put them into perspective for a buyer is necessary. A knowledgeable real estate agent can help their client know what to expect from their newer home to help ease anxiety.


Water Quality on Tap: Issues and Testing
This course is designed to discuss what makes water quality important to homeowners, along with testing options. A section on Twin Cities water-related issues is included.


Sewer Scopes: Rooting Out Problems Before Your Clients Buy or Sell
Understand how a scope is performed and what it can and can’t accomplish. You’ll learn how to set expectations with your clients so that everyone is on the same page.

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