A focus on financial literacy education in Minnesota

SPAAR - 07/26/2023

Financial literacy education is one way to directly address disparities in homeownership. Education helps provide information about overcoming barriers to property ownership.

In this year’s legislative session, Financial Literacy Coalition of Minnesota (FLCM) successfully advocated for a required course in personal finance for every high school student in Minnesota. The requirement will start with ninth graders beginning high school in 2024.  Minnesota Realtors® is part of FLCM.

FLCM and MN Council on Economic Education (MCEE) are currently creating content for this course and preparing resources for teachers who will teach the course. Should personal finance education include information about homeownership? Can Realtors® help educate students about opportunities to build wealth through investment in real estate?

YOU CAN HELP! Join the Coalition, learn about volunteer opportunities and support MCEE’s personal finance programs. Click here to take a survey and learn more about volunteer opportunities that have a role in financial literacy.

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