4 Safety Action Items for REALTORS®- Safety Month 2023

SPAAR - 09/05/2023

September is safety month at SPAAR!

This year, SPAAR is focusing on increasing safety awareness in real estate, providing resources to grow your knowledge as a real estate professional, and providing you with resources to share with your clients. To start the month off, here are 4 Safety Action Items For REALTORS®.


1 - Plan Your Safety Strategy

Creating a safety strategy is important for any Realtor®, especially if you are working alone. By having a plan in place, you can keep yourself safe in potentially dangerous situations. Start by following best practices such as: Always meet new clients at the office or in a neutral location, like a coffee shop, and share your schedule with a colleague, assistant, or family member. See more tips and best practices here. Don’t forget check with your broker on any safety protocols that might be in place for our office.


2 - Review Tips and Best Practices

Increase your knowledge by reviewing the REALTOR® Safety Tips document with 56 safety tips to help you stay safe while working. The tips cover a wide range of topics, from personal safety to safety when showing properties. Take some time to review the safety tips and incorporate them into your safety strategy.


3 - Training Videos

The National Association of REALTORS® offers a variety of safety training videos to help you identify and avoid dangerous situations. The videos cover a range of topics, including personal safety, cyberscams, working with clients and more. Whether you're a new agent or a seasoned veteran, these videos can help you stay safe on the job. You can review the training videos on NAR’s website.


4 - Personal Protection Resources

Review the person protection resources put together by NAR! There are a variety of tools you can add to your personal safety protocol, such as the smartphone apps and safety products. You can find these resources here.


Be sure to check eNews, E&E, and SPAAR social media and visit the safety page through the month of September to get weekly safety resources and more!

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