What To Know About Supra eKey Access For Non-members

SPAAR - 09/17/2021

Supra eKey Access For Non-Members

Supra has secure access for non-Association members to access residential properties with authorized access from a Supra keyholder, which is available via Bluetooth keyboxes through a tablet or smartphone for a limited time of 2-to-72 hours. A non-transferable access credential is sent to the non-member’s device and the user creates his or her own Pin number for lockbox access. The non-Association member access was created with limited access, security and accountability in mind.

A non-member may include an appraiser, a home inspector, a repairman, etc., who do not belong to the REALTOR® Association.


Non-member process:

  • A Supra keyholder sends a text invitation to a non-member.
  • A Supra keyholder must activate the non-member access feature one time via a desktop or laptop computer prior to use.
  • The non-member downloads the eKey app (one time only)
  • The non-member accepts terms and conditions (one time only)
  • The non-member fills out registration (one time only)
  • The non-member enters eKey authorization code
  • The non-member will receive a text each time access to a KeyBox is granted.

Questions? Contact Supra at (877) 699-6787.



Who is eligible for non-member access?

Non-members who otherwise aren’t able to access the Supra system. Any member who has access to the Supra system, whether they choose to use it or not, is not eligible for non-member access.


How will the non-member be tracked?

The non-member will be invited to have access. He or she will enter his or her mobile phone number that sets off the start and end access times along with the listing address, keybox serial number and MLS number, all data that can be viewed in the mobile SupraWeb.


I never use my Supra eKey. Can I use the one-time access?

No, eligibility of access is for non-members who do not belong to the Realtor® Association who already have access.


My client is locked out of their home, can they use the non-member access?

Yes, following the instructions they may be granted the one-time access.


Is a pre-approved appointment necessary for the one-time access?

Yes, an appointment is required.


Is there a cost for the non-member access?



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