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The SPAAR Signature Sponsorship provides the most consistent marketing over the course of the year. If you prefer to build your own package, we’ve displayed a list of our annual events and sponsorship opportunities for your convenience. Sponsorships must be paid in full prior to any marketing services provided by SPAAR.

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Choose from SPAAR’s Signature Sponsorship or build your own package!
SPAAR Signature Sponsor – $4,000
By checking I am committed, you are committing to the SPAAR Signature Sponsorship package for $4,000. You understand no advertising or promotion of sponsorship shall be made until payment is received in full. You understand all monies received are non-refundable unless otherwise posted. You will be contacted by a staff person at SPAAR to confirm the sponsorship and will be emailed an invoice.
Build Your Own Sponsor Package (cost varies)
If you would like more information or to discuss sponsoring multiple events. You will be contacted by a staff person at SPAAR to discuss the selected sponsorship opportunities below.
Networking & Leadership
Education & Professionalism
Community Outreach