SPAAR’s On-Demand Education is up and running with new courses added regularly

SPAAR - 11/27/2023

SPAAR’s On-Demand Education has added the 23/24 General Module: Fair Housing, Agency Law and Legal Update to its catalog of available courses, which will continue to expand over the coming months.

Check out SPAAR’s On-Demand Education course catalog here.

Did you know SPAAR is offering an incentive as it grows its On-Demand Education? Each month, four winners are randomly drawn from the pool of entries based on eligibility.

Entries for this exclusive incentive offer are eligible from November 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024. Participants must complete at least 50% of the SPAAR On-Demand course to be eligible. Entries will be automatically tracked upon 50% completion for each month's drawing.

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