Say No to New Fees on the Mortgage Registry & Deed Taxes – Call For Action

SPAAR - 04/29/2021

MN Realtors® Has Sent Out The Following Call For Action

The Minnesota House of Representatives included new $25 fees on the mortgage registry and deed taxes in their omnibus environment and natural resources bill to help fund Soil & Water Conservation Districts. With housing prices hitting record highs, MN Realtors opposes policies that add to the cost of housing and that use the real estate transaction to fund programs and activities that benefit all Minnesotans.


TAKE ACTION NOW and tell your legislator why these new fees are harmful for home buyers and sellers.


Under current law, a typical seller, who is also buying their next home, is responsible for:

  • Paying the deed tax
  • Paying the $46 recording fee for paying off their mortgage on the house they are selling
  • Paying the mortgage registry tax on the house they are buying
  • Paying the $46 recording fee for the mortgage registry
  • Paying the $46 recording fee to record the deed


ACT NOW - Send a pre-drafted message to your legislator telling them that adding new fees to this already long list, is harmful for both buyers and sellers. It only takes 30 seconds! Simply click one of the links in this message, make sure your information is correct, and hit submit!

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