Realtor® Lou Thao Is Named SPAAR Hero

SPAAR - 06/29/2021

Lou Thao has been a Realtor® in the Twin Cities for seven years. She became a Realtor® to help growth in her community through both homeownership and investment.

Currently, the Chair of SPAAR’s Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Lou and her family moved to the United States from Laos when she was nine years old and found Minnesota to be their home.

Lou loves the outdoors and community events. She participates in Hmong festivals celebrating Hmong culture and in May 2021 as part of Asian Heritage Month celebrated The History of Hmong Clothes during a weekend event in Saint Paul, bringing awareness of the different regions and celebrating the history and culture through the arts and healing.

Lou has found that people know she cares and that’s the foundation to her success as a Realtor®. In fact, Lou’s success is not just caring for the Hmong community but rather that she helps and supports all people who in turn appreciate her sincerity and want to continue working with her.

Congratulations to Lou! SPAAR Hero is a program of SPAAR’s Community Engagement Committee, sponsored by SPAAR’s REALTORS® Charitable Foundation. Members of SPAAR’s Communications Committee interview and write the SPAAR Hero articles; thank you to Rose Pilkenton who interviewed and wrote the article on Lou. If you think someone should be named a SPAAR Hero, contact Joe McKinley at jmckinley@spaar.com.

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