Model Container Home: A Solution In A Box (Sponsorship Opportunities)

SPAAR - 04/01/2022

Whether owning or renting, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable housing, to own or to rent, which is being made worse by Minnesota’s housing supply shortage.

SPAAR is working on an innovative project to propose a concrete solution (actually a steel solution) that could contribute to resolving this housing crisis.


SPAAR’s Housing Affordability Task Force was created last year to bring together our members to talk about ways to make housing more affordable. As a result of those discussion the Task Force has decided to bring a Model Container Home to SPAAR’s parking lot. The Model Container Home will be a 40-foot structure, approximately 8 parking spaces, and will sit in SPAARs parking lot for 2 weeks at the end of this summer.


Why? To bring together Realtors®, elected officials, and other housing stakeholders together to talk about this innovative and alternative housing type, educate them about its feasibility and practicality, and ultimately to get elected officials to start considering this housing type as part of the solution to our housing problems.


SPAAR will host a variety of events while the container is on-site, including tours of the structure so people can really feel what it is like to be in one. We believe this experience will change the minds of anyone who may have a negative perception about this housing type.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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