Let’s Talk About Housing Affordability

SPAAR - 03/15/2023

Housing affordability is a key issue in the State of Minnesota. Let's talk about why it is important and some solutions to address the issue.

Key Points:

  • Housing affordability is an important issue in Minnesota, with economic and social implications.
  • Cities can provide financial incentives to developers constructing affordable housing projects, while public-private partnerships can bring together expertise and resources.
  • Innovative building techniques like modular construction can help reduce costs and build sustainable solutions quickly.


Why it matters

Economic Stability: Housing affordability helps families and individuals stabilize their finances by reducing the amount of money they spend on housing. This, in turn, allows them to allocate more resources towards other essential needs such as food, healthcare, education and savings.

Social Inclusion: Access to affordable housing ensures that people from different socioeconomic backgrounds can live together in the same neighborhood or community, promoting social inclusion and diversity.

Improved Health Outcomes: Living in safe and stable housing has a positive impact on physical and mental health outcomes. Affordable housing also provides access to basic amenities like clean water and sanitation facilities which are crucial for maintaining good health.



There are several solutions to housing affordability, but in this article, we will address three solutions.

Cities Support: Cities governments can provide financial support to developers who build affordable housing projects through subsidies, tax incentives or grants. This helps reduce the cost of construction and makes it easier for developers to offer affordable rents. They can also pass legislation on allowing alternative housing solutions such as ADU’s and Container Homes.

Public-Private Partnerships: Collaboration between governments and private organizations can help create more affordable housing options. Private organizations can bring in expertise and resources, while governments can offer regulatory support and funding.

Innovative Building Techniques: The use of innovative building techniques like modular construction can significantly reduce the cost of construction, making it easier to build affordable homes quickly and efficiently. These techniques also use sustainable materials, which make them environmentally friendly.


How you can help

In conclusion, the housing affordability issue in Minnesota is multifaceted and requires multi-pronged approaches from all stakeholders. Creative solutions such as utilizing financial incentives from cities, engaging public-private partnerships, and modular construction can provide creative and sustainable solutions to this problem.

The Saint Paul Area Association of Realtors® has taken a lead role in creating a Housing Affordability Task Force to explore these ideas on a deeper level. We invite all SPAAR members with an interest in the housing affordability gap in Minnesota to get involved and join the Task Force.

By investing our collective resources, we believe we can create an economically positive solution that improves quality of life for everyone while safeguarding our environment at the same time. Let’s work together to make Minnesota a place to call home for everyone!

Join the Housing Affordability Task Force

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