Government Affairs Committee


The Government Affairs Committee works to expand the Association’s sphere of influence in local and regional public policy areas. It focuses on issues affecting communities throughout the Association’s jurisdiction.


Core Activities

The Government Affairs Committee meets once a month to discuss housing, real estate-related public policy issues facing municipalities in our 12-county territory. In addition, committee members work with the Government Affairs team to develop SPAAR policies on real estate issues for adoption by the Committee and the Association.

Candidate Endorsement

The committee also contributes to SPAAR’s Candidate Endorsement process. During this process, SPAAR’s Government Affairs Team works to identify candidates for Mayor, County Commissioner, and City Council who will be Realtor® champions.


In addition to the general Government Affairs committee, there are three subcommittees. These subcommittees are dedicated to a region of SPAAR’s territory and focus on issues in those areas. They are the Northern, Southern and Central Subcommittees.


Government Affairs Team

The committee also helps to guide the Government Affairs team at SPAAR on how best to address local legislation that affects property rights, housing and real estate.


Join The Committee


Committee Members

Staff Liaisons –  Simon Opatz and Becky Wegscheid

Chair – Mary Knudsen

Member – LeRoy Bendickson

Member – Laura Berger

Member – Thomas Bullington

Member – Teresa Cleveland

Member – Sammi Cook-Kuehn

Member – James Cormier

Member – Sue Finney

Member – Patti Jo Fitzpatrick

Member – Justin Fox

Member – Brandy Grell

Member – Robbie Grossman

Member – Ryan Hardin

Member – Anthony Khambata

Member – Gerald Koch

Member – Charles Lefebvre

Member – Dennis Mathis

Member – Barbara Peterson

Member – James Reiter

Member – Patrick Ruble

Member – Christopher Schroeder

Member – Cynthia Segna

Member – Frederick Shaw

Member – Paul Sigurdson

Member – Thomas Simonsen

Member – Donald Sinnwell

Member – Denise Sjoberg

Member – Brice Staeheli

Member – Jerry Teeson

Member – Brian Wagner

Member – James Yacoub

Member – Kathryn Zebrev

Member – Karissa Zimmer