Diving Into the 2023 Forms Changes

SPAAR - 07/25/2023

Ryan Torpey of Minnesota Realtors® sat down with Kristin Parker, SPAAR's Education & Events Director, to take a deep dive into the August 1, 2023 forms changes.

In this episode of SPAAR's Better & Better podcast, SPAAR members will hear from Ryan Torpey, Minnesota Realtors® Associate Legal Counsel, to learn about the upcoming forms changes taking effect on August 1, 2023. You can also listen here.



2023 Forms Changes

Minnesota Realtors® approved forms include more than 70 documents to facilitate real estate transactions. Created by the Forms Committee and Legal Affairs department, they are reviewed, revised and updated each year. The updated forms are released annually on August 1. Visit www.mnrealtors.com to stay up to date on forms changes or to submit suggestions for forms changes, as discussed in this podcast.

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