2025 Director And Officer Applications

SPAAR - 05/01/2024

SPAAR's 2024 Nominating Committee is looking to fill three director positions for 2025.

The position is a three-year term and directors are asked to make attendance a priority for all Board meetings, which typically occur once a month.

SPAAR is also accepting applications for its three officer positions: treasurer, president-elect and president.

Benefits of serving on the Board of Directors include:

  • Opportunities to both learn from and teach others
  • Direct involvement in decisions that impact the Association
  • A broader professional network of members as well as community and civic leaders
  • New experiences that develop professional and personal skills
  • Social opportunities that often lead to lasting friendships

All candidates must have been a member of the Association for one year prior to the date of the nomination and must be a Realtor® member in good standing with no ethics violations within the past year.

This year's application deadline is Sunday, June 30, 2024.

Apply For Director or Officer Positions

Contact Tracey Douglas at tdouglas@spaar.com with any questions.

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