Supra eKey Access Now Available For Non-Members

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Supra eKey Access Now Available For Non-Members

Supra has introduced secure access for qualifying non-Association members to access residential properties with authorized access from a Supra keyholder. The access is available via Bluetooth keyboxes through a smartphone or tablet for a limited time of 2-to-72 hours. A non-transferable access credential is sent to the non-member’s device and the user creates his or her own Pin number to access the lockbox. The non-Association member access was created with limited access, security and accountability in mind.

A non-member may include contractors such as plumbers, electricians, builders, city assessors or REALTOR® members of Associations who do not contract with Supra.

Non-member process:

  • A Supra keyholder must register their own key in Supraweb, via a desktop or laptop computer to activate the non-member access feature prior to use
  • A Supra keyholder sends a text invitation to a non-member
  • The non-member downloads the eKey app (one time only)
  • The non-member accepts terms and conditions (one time only)
  • The non-member fills out registration (one time only)
  • The non-member enters eKey authorization code
  • The non-member will receive a text each time access to a KeyBox is granted.


eKey Access For Non-Members FAQ

Questions? Contact Supra at (877) 699-6787.

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