SPAAR HERO: Scott Rehovsky

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SPAAR HERO: Scott Rehovsky

Scott Rehovsky is SPAAR Hero

Scott Rehovsky has been named SPAAR Hero for June 2019 for his ongoing involvement with the First Step Initiative, now known as Saidiana, a Swahili word meaning “help one another.”


First Step Initiative began to help women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), specifically women in the city of Lubumbashi, break the cycle of oppression, civil war and sexual violence by offering them an opportunity to establish business cooperatives. By taking these women, among the poorest in the world, off the streets, and offering them a 5-month lifeskills training program and grants to start their own businesses, these entrepreneurial women can provide for their children and families. It has changed the culture of the DRC.


Scott has been a part of this organization serving on the Board of Directors and now as an advisor for the past nine years. Aside from providing personal funds for grants to the women of Lubumbashi, his greatest impact has been to broaden the base of support by spreading the word to a larger audience.


It’s fitting that Scott would be involved in an organization that helps fund entrepreneurs as he has built his own life around that same spirit. A self-starter, he grew up in the Twin Cities west metro striking out on his own at an early age. For 18 years, he was an owner/proprietor of Larkspur, a well-known and respected flower shop and events company in Minneapolis’ Warehouse District. During that same time, he amassed ownership of several investment properties in the Twin Cities. Upon selling Larkspur and beginning to divest himself of some of the investment properties, he discovered the possibilities and opportunities of being a licensed real estate agent.


Scott remains active in Saidiana and, in addition, he is a member of the Board of Directors of Source Song Festival whose mission is to cultivate “excellence in Art Song for artists and audiences.” When not involved in civic activities, he is husband to Douglas, father to three adult children and grandfather of four children. Congratulations, Scott!

Written by Jennifer Kovacich

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