REALTOR® Success Academy

What is it?

For over 130 years, the Saint Paul Area Association of REALTORS® (SPAAR) has been dedicated to promoting the dream of homeownership with the highest level of professionalism and integrity, through the four pillars: Professionalism, Advocacy, Community Outreach, and Communication.  SPAAR’s mission then, is best described through the tagline:  Better Agents, Better Communities.

The REALTOR® SUCCESS ACADEMY is SPAAR’s professional development path for Better Agents.  This path has been developed to guide a member through four distinct programs that build upon each other to help shape the future success of each REALTOR® by giving them an understanding of their purpose and value in the real estate industry.

The Path

New Member Orientation: Unlocking Your Membership

NMO is a 2-day program, offering 9.5 hours of continuing education from industry professionals on key real estate topics, designed for REALTOR® members to gain an in-depth understanding of resources, tools, and the value of their membership.

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Real Estate Fundamentals

REF is a 2-day program, offering 7.5 hours of continuing education, and is designed to follow the New Member Orientation giving a next step comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of real estate. From topics such as taxes and financial planning, professionalism, marketing and more, Real Estate Fundamentals will give a hands-on learning approach to the business.

Enhancing Professionalism

Enhancing Professionalism is a one-day program offered quarterly that aims to take a deeper dive into what it means to be a REALTOR®, what their value proposition is for consumers, and elevating some of those professional skills both online and in-person, including up to 4 hours of continuing education.

Commitment to Excellence

C2EX is a self-paced program designed to empower REALTORS® to demonstrate their professionalism and commitment to conducting business at the highest standards.  This C2EX endorsement rounds out the professionalism program by completing eleven competency learning and task modules.

The Value

Whether you complete the journey in months or years, at completion of the REALTOR® SUCCESS ACADEMY, you will have gained a better understanding of REALTOR® association membership, benefits, tools of the business, resources for success, and your true value proposition as a REALTOR® when working for and with clients and consumers.

SPAAR offers all four programs in this path for FREE (a value of more than $200), as a member benefit.

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