Mounds View I&I Ordinance

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Mounds View I&I Ordinance


As part of Mounds View’s Water Preservation Program (H2OPP), the City Council adopted Ordinance 940 which requires all property owners, at the point of sale or transfer of their property, to have the sewer service line from the property to the sewer main, televised and if needed; rehabilitated or repaired.  The sewer service line is called the “lateral” and is the responsibility of the property owner. The goal of the program is to eliminate the infiltration of groundwater into the sanitary sewer system.

The Metropolitan Council Environment Services Division (MCES) treats wastewater for communities in the seven-county metropolitan area. MCES requires the City of Mounds View to reduce peak flows to the system. To minimize the possibility of MCES surcharges, the City and MCES are making improvements to the public sanitary sewer system. In addition, the City requires private sanitary sewer services to be maintained, and has developed an I & I Inspection Program.

I&I Inspection Steps

  1. The owner of any property being sold or transferred must fill out an Inspection Application for an Infiltration and Inflow Inspection. The cost for this application is $250.00.
  2. A contractor must be hired to televise the lateral line. The video will then be submitted to the Public Works Department, for review. The City of Mounds View will have a list of contractors that are qualified to perform these types of repairs.
  3. Upon review of the video, it will be determined if infiltration exists. Infiltration conditions include but not limited to:
    • a crack in the pipe
    • an offset joint
    • tree roots protruding into the pipe
  1. If no infiltration exists, a Certificate of I & I Compliance is issued by the City, which is valid for 10 years from the date of issue and must remain with the property.


If infiltration exists, repairs must be made to the lateral before the sale or transfer of the property. Repairs might include excavation or lining of the existing lateral; the best procedure to repair the service will be determined by the property owner and its contractor.

Escrow Instruction

If an I/I Certificate of Compliance cannot be issued before the closing/title transfer, money must be held in escrow by the closing agent, and the responsible party (either the buyer or the seller) must sign and I/I Compliance Agreement prepared by the City.


Steps to Escrow

  1. The responsible party (buyer or seller) must sign an I/I Compliance Agreement, which is prepared by the City. The City requires the following information to prepare the document:
    • A copy of the bid for the repairs if you are not using City Contractor.
    • The date of the closing.
    • The name(s) of the responsible party (buyer or seller) putting the money into escrow
    • The name and contact information of the closing agent

The I/I Compliance Agreement will be signed by the Public Works Director, or designee, and the responsible party.  Please allow the City at least one week prior to the closing to prepare this document.

  1. The closing agent must hold the escrow funds, at 125% of the bid amount, until the City issues and I/I Certificate of Compliance.
  2. After the closing, the title company must send a copy of the escrow agreement to the City. It can be faxed to 763-717-4049 or emailed to
  3. After the repairs are made, the new owners will need to call the Public Works Department, 763-717-4050. Once the repairs are verified, the City will issue the I/I Certificate of Compliance and the escrow fund can be released.


Further information and background can be found at:


SPAAR staff are working with the City of Mounds View to find ways to alleviate some of the burden this added inspection puts on homeowners and sellers.

If you have further questions about the new ordinance please contact SPAAR Government Affairs Director Khayree Duckett at 

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