Required CE Module

Important Notice for all Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Your continuing education requirements are affected by a law that took effect on July 1, 2011. As part of the continuing education that is due each license year, you must complete a module training course. (This is part of the 15 hours that are due each year, not in addition to it.) The course will be either 3.75 hours or 7.5 hours long and cover topics in real estate that are significant and are of current interest in the real estate market and profession. Brokers will also have the additional requirement to complete a module specifically designed to address issues relevant to brokers. Please note that commercial-only salespersons and brokers are exempt from these new module requirements. The Department of Commerce must publicize an outline of the topics covered by the module and the number of credit hours by April 1 each year.


The 2018-19 Salesperson & Broker Required Module is “Risk Management,” for 3.75 hours of continuing education. It must be completed prior to the June 30, 2019, licensing renewal deadline.

There is one 3.75-hour module course that both salespersons and brokers must complete. Completion of this course will satisfy ALL of the following:

  • 1-Hour Broker Module Requirement

Additional Details:

  • This course is part of the 15 hours of continuing education that are due each year, not in addition to them.
  • To get credit for the general module, you must pass an examination taken at the end of the course. The examination will cover the module content. Each examination will consist of 20 multiple-choice and true/false questions randomly selected from a pool of at least 50. The passing score is 14 or more correct. The examination questions were written by subject matter experts in consultation with the Department of Commerce.
  • The Department of Commerce, in consultation with a statewide real estate trade association and a statewide private continuing education provider, determines the specific topic(s) covered by the module(s) each license year and the number of credit hours allocated to each module.

There is no additional module requirement for brokers during the 2018-19 period.

All non-exempt salespersons and brokers must complete this general module course before June
30, 2019.